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Anonymous said: why don't you use tumblr anymore?

because I don’t need it.

Tumblr makes people sad and some people can handle that, but I can’t. I can’t take the depressing photos, the sad, slow music, and the suicidal text posts. I need to surround myself with things and people that genuinely make me happy.

That isn’t to say I hate everyone or can’t connect to everyone who has a Tumblr. I still thing Melanie is pretty daaang cool. I’m still friends with a ton of the friends I made from here/YouTube/the internet on Facebook. I still talk to them.

It’s just not where my happiness lies anymore.

I like being outside. I like hanging out with my friends who don’t smoke or drink. I like climbing. I like building fires. I like welding. I like doing things with my hands. I like making art. I like wrestling. I like watching movies. I can’t do any of that if I spend all of my time being sad on Tumblr.

My interests aren’t the same as they were when I was at my Tumblr prime and my current followers would have no interest in what I now enjoy. I honestly doubt there would be a group of people who would enjoy what I would have to post. Unfortunately, I don’t think quasi-redneck gay teenagers are quite the demographic Tumblr was going for.


Anonymous said: you're wasting your precious lifetime with trying to gain useless muscles. why?

i log into my tumblr for the first time in months and this is the message i am left with

thank you anon i have no fucking idea what you’re saying.

#tacotuesday #yeahhhhh #buyonegetone
The Art of Valentine’s Day

Still not sure of who I am and all of this contradicting music isn’t helping


you guys modest mouse sucks how high was I when I listened to them the last time


I have an uncontrollable attraction to metal inside nipples



It’s kind of two years but kind of 3 because complicated things but he’s cute as hell


Is 2 years too big of an age difference?


If you tried to get a URL from as told by ginger chances are I have it.

I have 20 saved atbg urls and I don’t have any shits to give


At least I can be proud of how hard I went yesterday


I’m gonna clean my room and not move much today

Remind me to never numb my muscles to be able to work out more again


The Advil is wearing off and I can feel my muscles again and they don’t feel good at all.


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